Gioacchino Sauro

Gioacchino Sauro

I was born in 1959 and I smoked my first pipe when I was 14 years. I wanted to emulate the myth of Sherlock Holmes, which series were broadcasted on tv, at the time a monster in black and white who was beginning to claim the first victims.

I experienced the warm feeling to hold in my hands a polished wood mirrored object from which some evocative smell of faraway lands sprang.

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I work at home. Both because I have the chance to live in a large town apartment, and mainly because I like to consider my workshop as a simple extension of the spaces where I usually live.

Nearly all my equipment has been produced on purpose for making pipes. In this a pipe maker’s activity is actually different from many other craftsmen’s.

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  • BRIAR LOG: unusual in depth-analysis

    BRIAR LOG: unusual in depth-analysis

    At least once in their lives, pipemakers and pipe smokers have been looking up information in the net about Erica arborea (tree heath). Who has never done it, believe they know enough about it, either due to their long activity in the area, or because they have been sawyers for generations. However, the myriads of […]

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