How to create the greatest pipes show in the world

29 maggio 2016 | in: events, pipe's stories

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The first time you go to the Chicago Pipes Show, you cannot avoid seeing a group of older people unendingly moving through the Pheasant Resort looking like the have something urgent to do. Who are they? – you ask yourself. Exhibitors? Collectors? Keen visitors? …read more →

INTER-TABAC: Tobacco capitalism and “Hallway 7.06”

30 settembre 2015 | in: events


If you happen to go to Dortmund in September and you are willing to pay € 19 entry (sic!), you could visit Inter-tabac, the greatest international tobacco fair in Europe. …read more →

On the pipes show of St Petersburg 2014

17 dicembre 2014 | in: events

Moyka river

I dial 1399, but the doorway doesn’t open. I try again, pushing the buttons with more energy. Here it is, green light, the old doorway gets open and now it’s only a matter of strength, because it’s terribly heavy. …read more →

Chicago pipes show 2014: I was there

19 maggio 2014 | in: events, pipemakers

Immagine articolo Chicago

Taking part in the Chicago Pipe Show is like stepping into a parallel dimension, and I just love science fiction. So, this year I decided to participate too, under the wise guidance of my teacher, Mimmo Romeo, the perfect Dantesque companion in pipe heaven.

…read more →

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