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Tokyo 2018: pipes show and incredible dreams

30 Novembre 2018 | in: events

When you eventually land at Narita airport, you realise that, despite all the information you collected before your departure, nothing could prepare you to what you are going to find yourself facing:

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BRIAR LOG: unusual in depth-analysis

6 Ottobre 2018 | in: pipe making

At least once in their lives, pipemakers and pipe smokers have been looking up information in the net about Erica arborea (tree heath).

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How to create the greatest pipes show in the world

29 Maggio 2016 | in: events, pipe's stories


The first time you go to the Chicago Pipes Show, you cannot avoid seeing a group of older people unendingly moving through the Pheasant Resort looking like the have something urgent to do. Who are they? – you ask yourself. Exhibitors? Collectors? Keen visitors? …read more →

INTER-TABAC: Tobacco capitalism and “Hallway 7.06”

30 Settembre 2015 | in: events

If you happen to go to Dortmund in September and you are willing to pay € 19 entry (sic!), you could visit Inter-tabac, the greatest international tobacco fair in Europe. …read more →

Tribulations of an aspiring pipemaker

13 Luglio 2015 | in: pipe making

“It is much better to see a thing one single time with your own eyes

than to hear about it one hundred times …read more →

On the pipes show of St Petersburg 2014

17 Dicembre 2014 | in: events

I dial 1399, but the doorway doesn’t open. I try again, pushing the buttons with more energy. Here it is, green light, the old doorway gets open and now it’s only a matter of strength, because it’s terribly heavy. …read more →

On the 40th anniversary of Tom Eltang

27 Settembre 2014 | in: pipemakers

For his party Tom didn’t send out formal invitations. He announced via his website that anyone who wished to celebrate with him was welcome to attend the party.

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The wave on my smoking pipes

9 Luglio 2014 | in: pipe's stories

It is strange that no one ever asked me why I have chosen a wave as a logo for my tobacco pipes, and why I put a Lao Tzu aphorism on my website:
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Pipes, meditation and the “Karin law”

22 Maggio 2014 | in: pipe's stories

Inhaling smoke induces a certain type of breathing, similar to that of some yoga exercises outlined by Pranayama, the art of breathing.   …read more →

One of my pipes in a web series

19 Maggio 2014 | in: pipe's stories

If you like the photos on my website, you should all applaud Alessandro Garraffa, a young graphic designer and director as well as my wine tasting companion and good friend.
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