The Marion’s “Omini” 

by marion

The idea of the “omini” (little men) was born from the request of a stand for a Gioacchino’s pipe from Mr. Hamed Owlanj, the creator of the Pipes art website. So, after a study of profiles, on inspiration of “Guernica”, the first “Marion’s Little Man”was born (my husband calls me Marion), made in black painted wood and it bears the name of PICASSO.

Omino con logo per sito

Guernica 700


Afterwards, inspired by the famous investigator of the Conan Doyle stories, the SHERLOCK Holmes shape was born, also in wood

holmes per sito



The subsequent shapes were made of plexiglass.

CHARLESTON, with straw hat in vogue in the ’30s


totï per sito

Aznavour 700


Magritte, with the typical “bowler”


bombetta per sito

magritte 700


COPPOLA, a tribute to Sicily and its most popular hat


coppola per sito

1972: American actor Al Pacino (right) sits with Italian actor Franco Citti holding a rifle at an outdoor table in director Francis Ford Coppola's film, 'The Godfather'. Pacino rests his leg on a chair. (Photo by Paramount Pictures/Getty Images)

BOHEMIEN, with the French beret

francese per sito




And the unmistakable William Tell.


guglielmo tell per sito

tell 700


The last creation: little sicilian men

omino siculo per FB



Today my pipe stands are present in Beijing, Paris (a la Pipe du Nord), Palermo (Riggio tobacconist), Copenaghen (Danish pipes shop) and Parabiago (Toto13 tobacconist), and, although they are “Sauro pipe”productions, they have a specific logo, mine.



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