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"Each wave is aware to be the sea. What undoes it, doesn’t bother it because what breaks recreates".
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Gioacchino Sauro
"I was born in 1959 and I smoked my first pipe when I was 14 years. I wanted to emulate the myth of Sherlock Holmes, whose series were broadcasted on tv, at the time a monster in black and white who was beginning to claim its first victims. I experienced the warm feeling to hold in my hands a polished wood mirrored object from which some evocative smell of faraway lands sprang."
Creazione e Meditazione
"The feeling of euphoria derived from the creation of a pipe is accompanied by a sense of peace, self-understanding and intense concentration on the object, so much so that they begin to identify with it."
Meditation is not an act of faith, it is something that everyone is able to experience if he so wishes. Ask any pipe maker. Even if they don’t know of meditation, they will tell you that when they are working on the roots to make them into pipes, they enter into a state of indescribable bliss.
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