Mr Maigret’s secret dream

Kristina Borinskaya is a young and beautiful woman that a benevolent wind brought from Moldova to Sicily a few years ago. She is now the wife of my friend Alessandro, the commercial artist who takes care of any promotional initiative my mind produces, ranging over Sauro pipes to the Rhyncophorous ferrugineus on the palm trees in Palermo.

Although passionate, Kristina doesn’t like speaking. She prefers to express herself through the artistic gesture, currently photography, and who knows what the future holds for her. That’s because Kristina looks like a volcano ready to blow at any moment, without notice. You can see her sitting in silence, shifty but sharp eyes, listening to others as if she wasn’t interested in the subject. Actually, she absorbs everything, she is definitely present, but she doesn’t want to say anything. What she has been thinking while listening to the others will likely be put into a snapshot.

I asked her once if she wanted to take pictures of my pipes. I wanted her to highlight the lines of my pipes in relation with other lines, with a different material. She took her time to think about it and then she came to my home and showed me the first results.

Needless to say, I was enthusiast. So, she took other shots, which I am posting in this article. There you have it “Mr Maigret’s secret dream”, pictures by Kristina Borinskaya, my friend.